Brian Babin, Jeff Landry, Dan Gainor, Matt Schlapp

Brian Babin, Jeff Landry, Dan Gainor, Matt Schlapp

Brian Babin
Jeff Landry
Dan Gainor
Matt Schlapp

November 11, 2020

Today’s show features: 

  • Brian Babin, U.S. Representative for the 36th district of Texas, on Veterans’ Day, how the military has fared under President Trump’s leadership, and what a possible Biden administration might mean for national security.  
  • Jeff Landry, Louisiana Attorney General, on why other states have a vested interest in President Trump’s legal challenge in Pennsylvania. 
  • Dan Gainor, Vice President of Media Research Center’s TechWatch, on the rampant election-related censorship of conservatives and President Trump.  
  • Matt Schlapp, President of American Conservative Union, on new evidence of fraud surfacing in Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.  

Episode Resources: 

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  • Check out FRC’s prayer guide for election integrity.
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