Mary Miller, Chris Mitchell, Morse Tan, Mary Beth Waddell, Ken Klukowski

Mary Miller
Chris Mitchell
Morse Tan
Mary Beth Waddell
Ken Klukowski

June 23, 2022

On today’s program:

  • Mary Miller, U.S. Representative for the 15th District of Illinois, highlights the 50th anniversary of the passage of Title IX and explains a new bill concerning minors undergoing “gender-reassignment” surgery.
  • Chris Mitchell, CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief, discusses the latest news as Israel prepares for its fifth election in less than four years.
  • Morse H. Tan, Dean of Liberty University’s School of Law, breaks down what’s driving the recent spike in violent crimes in large cities.
  • Mary Beth Waddell, FRC's Director of Federal Affairs - Family and Religious Liberty, gives an update on the federal legislation FRC is tracking including the NDAA and gun bills.
  • Ken Klukowski, a senior counsel at Schaerr Jaffe, offers an overview of the remaining cases the U.S. Supreme Court has to decide this term.

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