Jody Hice, Carter Conlon, Sally Burke, Andrew Brunson

Jody Hice
Carter Conlon
Sally Burke
Andrew Brunson

May 7, 2020

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Episode Resources: 

  • Join us in praying for these five segments of the American population.
  • Read Tony’s op-ed on why religious liberty means COVID-19 restrictions cannot target churchgoers.
  • Read Tony’s op-ed on the ways DHS and DOJ are upholding religious freedom during the coronavirus crisis.
  • Review and share the Trump administration accomplishments on life, family, and religious freedom.
  • Read FRC’s resource, “Guidelines for Reopening Your Church.”
  • Take a look at FRC’s COVID-19 resource bank for churches.
  • Get the all-new rebuilt STAND FIRM app! On your mobile browser, visit