Robert Aderholt, Ralph Norman, Calvin Beisner, Roger Brooks, Faith McDonnell, Lela Gilbert

Robert Aderholt
Ralph Norman
Cal Beisner
Roger Brooks
Faith McDonnell
Lela Gilbert

July 15, 2020

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Family Research Council · Rep. Robert Aderholt shares his frustration that Dems openly support infanticide in spending bills

Family Research Council · Rep. Ralph Norman can't believe the fringe minority is still acting like the majority after 2016

Family Research Council · Dr. Cal Beisner pushes back on Biden's useless climate plan that would barely move the thermometer

Family Research Council · Faith McDonnell responds to the groundbreaking news that Sudan may finally end its apostasy law

Family Research Council · Lela Gilbert mourns the slaughter of more than 1,000 Christians in Nigeria since the start of 2020

Family Research Council · Roger Brooks celebrates a surprising win for counselors who help people with unwanted attractions