Tom Cotton, Jay Bhattacharya, John Jackson, Cristian Ionescu

Tom Cotton
Jay Bhattacharya
John Jackson
Cristian Ionescu

October 13, 2020

Today’s show features: 

  • Tom Cotton, U.S. Senator from Arkansas, on the second day of Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings. 
  • Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, on the Great Barrington Declaration he co-authored that calls for a herd immunity response to COVID-19.
  • John Jackson, Owner of American Heroes Café in Portland, Oregon and Army and Marine Veteran, on how Antifa rioters who targeted his Portland café 'solidified' his vote for President Trump. 
  • Cristian Ionescu, Pastor of Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church in Chicago, Illinois, on his church’s lawsuit and on how churches should respond and move forward in light of the government’s restrictions on church gatherings. 

Episode Resources:

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