Chip Roy, Andrew Bostom, Charles Herbster, Stacy Langton, Meg Kilgannon

Chip Roy
Andrew Bostom
Charles Herbster
Stacy Langton
Meg Kilgannon

November 9, 2021

On today's show:

  • Chip Roy, U.S. Representative for Texas's 21st District, gives his thoughts on the Biden administration’s COVID jab-or-test mandates and the GOP members who voted for the infrastructure bill.
  • Dr. Andrew Bostom, Clinical Trialist and Associate Professor of Family Medicine at Brown University, discusses Merck and Pfizer’s experimental and potentially groundbreaking COVID antiviral pills.
  • Charles Herbster, Nebraska business owner, shares what’s happening in Nebraska schools.
  • Stacy Langton, a mother in Fairfax County, Virginia, talks about her opposition to sexually explicit books in public school libraries.
  • Meg Kilgannon, FRC's Senior Fellow for Education Studies, shares the latest news on education and school boards.

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