Ron Estes, Chris Mitchell, Jason Zachary, Meg Kilgannon, Will Chamberlain

Ron Estes
Chris Mitchell
Jason Zachary
Meg Kilgannon
Will Chamberlain

July 2, 2024

On today’s program, hosted by Jody Hice:

  • Ron Estes, U.S. Representative for the 4th District of Kansas, responds to the first call from a Congressional Democrat for President Biden to step down as his party’s presidential nominee and discusses House Republicans’ effort to pass all 12 appropriations bills for Fiscal Year 2025.
  • Chris Mitchell, Middle East Bureau Chief for CBN News, reports from Jerusalem as the IDF continues its progress eliminating Hamas’ military capabilities.
  • Jason Zachary, State Representative for Tennessee’s 14th District, discusses Tennessee House Joint Resolution 803, which asks the state’s citizens to participate in 31 days of prayer and fasting. 
  • Meg Kilgannon, FRC’s Senior Fellow for Education Studies, analyzes the Biden administration’s “emergency abortion” letter to doctors and health associations.
  • Will Chamberlain, Senior Counsel for the Article III Project, reacts to news that former President Trump’s sentencing from his Manhattan trial has been delayed and analyzes President Biden’s attack of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on presidential immunity.

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