Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, Dennis Prager, Dan Gainor, Travis Weber

Tony Perkins

June 12, 2018

On Tuesday's edition of "Washington Watch with Tony Perkins" FRC's Executive Vice President and founding member of the Army's Delta Force, Lt. General (ret.) Jerry Boykin, joins Tony to give an analysis of yesterday’s big summit between North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump. Host of Dennis Prager Radio Show and founder of PragerU, Dennis Prager, is here to discuss the Southern Poverty Law Center’s recent attack on PragerU for producing and sharing videos that explain conservative thought and worldview.  Media Research Center's Vice President of Business and Culture, Dan Gainor, is here to comment on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s apology after receiving backlash from the Left for eating at a Chick-fil-a restaurant. Also, Travis Weber, FRC's Director of the Center for Religious Liberty, joins Tony to talk about what impact President Trump’s meeting with North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong Un may have on religious liberty in North Korea and in other hostile nations.

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