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Tony Perkins on the Equality Act and Big Tech Censorship

Tony Perkins discusses the dangers of the Equality Act as well as the threat tech companies pose to those who oppose it.

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Tony Perkins Looks at the Hostility Toward Religious Freedom of the Biden Administration

Tony Perkins joined other faith leaders on Newsmax's #SpicerandCo to discuss the actions of President Biden and his administration and their hostility toward religious freedom.

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Checkpoint Pelosi: Democrats consider permanent military-style barrier around Capitol

Congressional Democratic leaders are considering a permanent, military-style barrier around the U.S. Capitol even as we learn that 7,000 National Guard soldiers and airmen will stay another month in the city and 5,000 troops will thereafter remain indefinitely.


Should extreme pro-abortionist Xavier Becerra be in charge of America's health care?

Most Americans are familiar with such federal departments as Defense and Treasury. Their names indicate what they do. Fewer know much about the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). But they should. The size and scope of HHS is vast, which is why the person leading it is so important.


Tony Perkins: We Cannot Preserve the Rule of Law through Lawlessness

Tony Perkins spoke with One America News to react to the breach of the Capitol on January 6 and how we move forward.

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