Russ Jones, Dr. Roger Marshall, Keith Branson, Dr. Ken Canfield, Russell Jones

Tony Perkins

June 15, 2018

On Friday's edition of "Washington Watch with Tony Perkins" Washington Watch producer, Russ Jones, guest hosts for Tony. We’ll hear guests’ thoughts about fatherhood on today’s show as we prepare to celebrate Father’s Day this weekend. Rep. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) joins our guest host to discuss how his role as a father impacts his work and the decisions he makes in Congress. Keith Branson, is here to share his story to shed light on the suffering of 55 million forgotten men in this U.S. bearing the scars of abortion, in silence. Keith has joined Save the Storks’ campaign encouraging men to break their silence and to help others choose fatherhood over abortion. Dr. Ken Canfield, Founder of the National Center of Fathering, is here to share his new venture: The National Association for Grandparenting. Also, Russ will be joined by his biological father to share their story.

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