Eben Fowler, Patrina Mosley, Jason McGuire, Ira Mehlman

Tony Perkins

January 11, 2019

On Friday's edition of "Washington Watch with Tony Perkins" Eben Fowler, Director of Operations for Bott Radio Network, guest hosts for Tony. Patrina Mosley, FRC’s Director of Life, Culture and Women’s Advocacy, joins our guest host after her remarks yesterday at the Family Foundation’s press conference opposing the Equal Rights Amendment for its abortion language. Then, we’ll hear part of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s speech in Cairo yesterday. NY Family Research Foundation Executive Director Jason McGuire joins Eben to highlight New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s push for extreme abortion laws. Also, Ira Mehlman from the Federation for Immigration Reform is here to weigh in on President Trump’s recent visit to the border where he called for a wall and greater border security.

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