Adam McManus, Stephen Dinan, Chris Mitchell, Bill Cunningham, Sen. Roy Blunt

Tony Perkins

January 23, 2019

On Wednesday’s edition of “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” Washington Watch producer, Adam McManus, guest hosts for Tony on the first half of the program. Stephen Dinan, a national correspondent at the Washington Times, joins our guest host to highlight tomorrow’s Senate vote that will decide whether an end is in sight for the nation’s longest government shutdown. Chris Mitchell, CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief, is on the ground in Syria and will give an overview of the situation in light of President Trump’s recent decision to withdraw U.S. troops. Seasoned radio host, Bill Cunningham, joins Adam to weigh in on the controversy over the Covington High School teens. Then, Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) joins Tony to further discuss efforts to end the shutdown, including President Trump’s compromise on immigration.

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