Brian Babin, Bob Onder, Jerry Boykin, Wayne Pederson

Brian Babin
Bob Onder
Jerry Boykin
Wayne Pederson
Tony Perkins

May 17, 2019

On the Friday, May 17, 2019 edition of Washington Watch with Tony Perkins, we heard from:

  • Brian Babin, U.S. Representative for the 36th District of Texas, on the House of Representatives voting 236-173 today in favor of an anti-life, anti-woman, anti-religious freedom, anti-parental rights bill titled the “Equality Act.”
  • Bob Onder, State Senator for the 2nd District of Missouri, on state legislatures around the country passing an unprecedented wave of pro-life legislation in the 2019 session.
  • Jerry Boykin, Retired Lieutenant General and Executive Vice President of Family Research Council, on relations between the United States and Iran as U.S. warships enter the Persian Gulf.
  • Wayne Pederson, Executive Liaison of Far East Broadcasting Company, who is building a radio station in South Korea powerful enough to reach all of North Korea with the gospel of Christ.

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