Travis Weber, John Stemberger, Robert Oscar Lopez, John Kluge, Ros Stovall

Travis Weber
John Stemberger
Robert Oscar Lopez
John Kluge
Ros Stovall
Tony Perkins

June 20, 2019

On the Thursday, June 20, 2019 edition of Washington Watch with Tony Perkins, we heard from:

  • Travis Weber, FRC’s Vice President for Policy and Director of the Center for Religious Liberty, on the Supreme Court opinion handed down today in the case of American Legion vs. American Humanist Association, in which the Court rule that a cross-shaped memorial to World War I soldiers in Bladensburg, Maryland did not constitute government endorsement of religion.
  • John Stemberger, Board Chair of Trail Life USA, on a Pennsylvania Trail Life troop that was denied a tour of a National Guard facility because of their Christian beliefs until the National Guard was threatened with a constitutional lawsuit.
  • Robert Oscar Lopez, Professor of Humanities at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, who was raised by his mother and her lesbian partner, who warns of the dangers facing children raised by same-sex couples.
  • John Kluge, a music teacher and wrongly fired from Brownsburg Community School in Indiana for objecting to a new policy that required him to address students struggling with their gender identities by their first name of choice instead of their given name, and Ros Stovall, a lawyer with Alliance Defending Freedom, who is representing Kluge in a lawsuit against Brownsburg Community School, claiming that their transgender policy violated his First Amendment religious liberty.

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