Peter Sprigg, Patrina Mosley, Qanta Ahmed

Peter Sprigg
Patrina Mosley
Qanta Ahmed
Tony Perkins

August 30, 2019

It’s Friday, August 30, 2019, and we’re getting ready for another exciting edition of Washington Watch with Tony Perkins, where each day we’re joined by America’s leaders, policy makers, and culture-shapers as we talk about the important issues of the day from a biblical worldview. Listen here live at 5:05 p.m. ET.

Today we’ll hear from:

  • Peter Sprigg, Senior Fellow for Policy Studies at Family Research Council, to share his thoughts on a groundbreaking new study that concluded, after a massive search by a crack team of scientists, that there is no ‘gay gene,’ as some LGBT activists have long claimed.
  • Patrina Mosley, Director of Life, Culture, and Women’s Advocacy at Family Research Council, who earlier today commemorated the 20 million black lives lost to abortion at a National Day of Mourning. She will also give her reaction to a late-term abortionist who offers parents a chance to cuddle with their now-dead babies after he snuffs out their lives.
  • Dr. Qanta Ahmed, Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Muslim commentator, and physician, who remarked that President Trump has been 'extremely aggressive' in protecting religious freedom, particularly more than Presidents Bush and Obama. She will also comment on the religious crackdown in the India-occupied portion of Kashmir.

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