Edward Graham, Roy Smith, Phil Jensen, Nick Reaves

Edward Graham
Roy Smith
Phil Jensen
Nick Reaves
Tony Perkins

September 3, 2019

On the Tuesday, September 3, 2019 edition of Washington Watch with Tony Perkins, we heard from:

  • Edward Graham, son of Franklin Graham, with an update on how Samaritan’s Purse is prepared to help victims of Hurricane Dorian.
  • Roy Smith, Pastor of True Lite Christian Fellowship in Midland, Texas, on how West Texas churches are responding to Saturday’s mass shooting that killed 7 and injured 25.
  • Phil Jensen, State Senator for the 33rd District of South Dakota, and sponsor of the bill that put “In God we Trust” displays in public schools.
  • Nick Reaves, Counsel for Becket Law, which has appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of Catholic Social Services which was removed from the Philadelphia foster care system for not abandoning its religious beliefs about marriage.

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