Jason Chaffetz, Christin Willis, Jim Banks, David Curry, David Closson

Jason Chaffetz
Christin Willis
Jim Banks
David Curry
David Closson

October 1, 2019

Today’s show features:

  • Jason Chaffetz, Former U.S. Representative for the 3rd District of Utah and Former Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, to discuss the State Department’s probe into Hillary Clinton’s email server.
  • Christin Willis, a Louisiana parent, whose child was given a sexually explicit survey without her knowledge or consent.
  • Jim Banks, U.S. Representative for the 3rd District of Indiana, to discuss a letter that House members sent to the FDA warning against de-regulating the abortion pill at Planned Parenthood’s request.
  • David Curry, President of Open Doors USA, to discuss China’s crackdown on churches in the lead up to the 70th anniversary of the Communist takeover.
  • David Closson, Director of Christian Ethics and Biblical Worldview at Family Research Council, on his latest publication, “Biblical Principles for Religious Liberty: Evidence from Scripture and Church History.“

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