Chris Wilson, Mary Beth Waddell, JP Duffy, Doug Mainwaring

Chris Wilson
Mary Beth Waddell
JP Duffy
Doug Mainwaring

December 6, 2019

Today’s show features:

  • Chris Wilson, CEO of WPA Intelligence, on a new poll showing President Trump’s job approval rising to 52 percent in light of House Democrats’ impeachment obsession.
  • Mary Beth Waddell, FRC’s Senior Legislative Assistant, on the fundamental problems of new anti-religious freedom legislation that is misnamed “Fairness for All.”
  • JP Duffy, FRC’s Vice President of Communications, on Chick-fil-A’s ties to Covenant House and Drag Queen Story Hour.
  • Doug Mainwaring, Columnist for LifeSiteNews, on how LGBT activists say their movement gained power and changed laws.

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