Kevin Cramer, Dan Bishop, Bob Fu, Rob Schwarzwalder

Kevin Cramer
Dan Bishop
Bob Fu
Rob Schwarzwalder

March 3, 2021

Today’s show features: 

  • Kevin Cramer, U.S. Senator from North Dakota, on the $1.9 trillion spending bill coming before the U.S. Senate, and on Tuesday’s Senate Armed Services Committee hearing regarding “Global Security Challenges and Strategy.” 
  • Dan Bishop, U.S. Representative for the 9th District of North Carolina, on the vote in the House of Representative on Speaker Pelosi’s H.R. 1 bill that will limit how states can run elections. 
  • Bob Fu, President of China Aid and FRC’s Senior Fellow for International Religious Freedom, on being granted a restraining order against protestors and the billionaire Chinese media executive who funded the protests, and on Bank of America closing all of his accounts without explanation. 
  • Rob Schwarzwalder, Senior Lecturer at Regent University, on Bethany Christian Services capitulating to LGBT activists. 

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