Jeremy Barker, Liz Murrill, Bob Good, David Closson

Jeremy Barker
Liz Murrill
Bob Good
David Closson

August 20, 2021

On today's show, hosted by Joseph Backholm:

  • Jeremy Barker, Senior Program Officer and Director of the Middle East Action Team for the Religious Freedom Institute, discusses President Biden’s speech regarding the evacuations in Afghanistan and the implications of the situation in Afghanistan for religious freedom.
  • Liz Murrill, Louisiana Solicitor General, praises the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals for upholding a Texas law banning dismemberment abortions.
  • Bob Good, U.S. Representative for the 5th District of Virginia, talks about his newly introduced Teleabortion Prevention Act.
  • David Closson, Director of FRC's Center for Biblical Worldview, shares what a recent survey found to be the most seductive, but unbiblical, beliefs Americans embrace and what the Democrats’ efforts to eliminate the Hyde Amendment say about their worldview.

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