Greg Murphy, Brian Kemp, Robert Cahaly, Jack Hibbs, David Closson

Greg Murphy
Brian Kemp
Robert Cahaly
Jack Hibbs
David Closson

September 13, 2021

On today's show:

  • Greg Murphy, U.S. Representative for the 3rd District of North Carolina, discusses President Biden’s vaccine mandate and Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s testimony about Afghanistan before the House Foreign Affairs Committee.
  • Brian Kemp, Governor of Georgia, shares how he is fighting back against President Biden’s vaccine mandates.
  • Robert Cahaly, Senior Strategist and Chief Pollster at the Trafalgar Group, shares what his polling reveals about how Americans view President Biden’s vaccine mandates.
  • Jack Hibbs, Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, talks about the religious liberty implications of President Biden’s vaccine mandate.
  • David Closson, FRC’s Director of the Center for Biblical Worldview, discusses how Christians should think about the role of government in light of President Biden’s vaccine mandate.

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