Kerry Picket, Ralph Norman, Dan Bishop, Ian Prior, Connor Semelsberger

Kerry Picket
Ralph Norman
Dan Bishop
Ian Prior
Connor Semelsberger

October 14, 2021

On today's show:

  • Kerry Picket, Senior Congressional Reporter for the Washington Times, and Ralph Norman, U.S. Representative for the 5th District of South Carolina, discuss the global shipping crisis and the concerns that it could lead to layoffs, higher prices, fewer options at the grocery store, and eventually threaten our national security.
  • Dan Bishop, U.S. Representative for the 9th District of North Carolina and Member of the House Judiciary Committee, discusses the letter sent by House Judiciary Committee Republicans to Attorney General Merrick Garland regarding the DOJ task force targeting parents, and the Biden administration’s plan to implement the employer vaccine mandate as early as next week.
  • Ian Prior, Executive Director of Fight for Schools, talks about how parents are responding to Loudoun County School District’s handling of sexual assaults in school bathrooms.
  • Connor Semelsberger, FRC's Director of Federal Affairs for Life and Human Dignity, discusses how the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill will impact taxes, the national debt, and inflation.

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