Haris Alic, Jeff Landry, Tate Reeves, Douglas Burton, Scott Rasmussen

Haris Alic
Jeff Landry
Tate Reeves
Douglas Burton
Scott Rasmussen

November 8, 2021

On today's show:

  • Haris Alic, reporter for the Washington Times, shares the latest on the infrastructure and reconciliation bills.
  • Jeff Landry, Louisiana Attorney General, discusses the emergency stay issued by the 5th circuit against the Biden administration’s COVID jab-or-testing mandate for businesses with 100 or more employees.
  • Tate Reeves, Governor of Mississippi, talks about the growing pushback against the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate.
  • Douglas Burton, editor for the Epoch Times and a former U.S. State Department official, gives an update on the jailing of Epoch Times reporter Luka Binniyat and shares other concerning news coming out of Nigeria.
  • Scott Rasmussen, pollster and editor-at-large at Ballotpedia, analyzes the 2021 election results and polls and discusses what they may indicate about the 2022 midterm election.

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