Kevin Cramer, Jake Warner, Dr. Jennifer Bauwens, Dr. Kenyn Cureton

Kevin Cramer
Jake Warner
Jennifer Bauwens
Kenyn Cureton

September 7, 2022

On today’s program:

  • Kevin Cramer, U.S. Senator from North Dakota, voices his religious liberty concerns with the Senate’s same-sex marriage bill and reacts to President Biden’s “The Continued Battle for the Soul of America” speech.
  • Jake Warner, Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel, shares good news out of New York for Christian adoption agencies.
  • Dr. Jennifer Bauwens, FRC’s Director of the Center for Family Studies, provides her expertise on the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s anticipated green light for hospitals to lower the age limit for transgender youth surgeries.
  • Dr. Kenyn Cureton, FRC’s Vice President for Christian Resources, weighs in on a new study showing many senior pastors lack a biblical worldview.

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