Andrew Clyde, Roger K. Gannam, Jennifer Bauwens, David Closson

Andrew Clyde
Roger Gannam
Jennifer Bauwens
David Closson

September 19, 2022

On today’s program:

  • Andrew Clyde, U.S. Representative for 9th District of Georgia, reacts to the ongoing border crisis and discusses his new legislation, The Protect the UNBORN Act.
  • Roger K. Gannam, Assistant Vice President of Legal Affairs, Liberty Counsel, discusses Liberty Counsel’s recent finding that the Department of Defense may have violated federal law when rejecting religious exemptions for vaccine mandates from servicemembers.
  • Dr. Jennifer Bauwens, FRC’s Director of the Center for Family Studies, provides her expertise on the World Professional Association for Transgender Health removing all age limits from its guidelines for transgender youth surgeries.
  • David Closson, FRC’s Director of the Center for Biblical Worldview, highlights the Pray Vote Stand Summit and reacts to criticism of Dr. Albert Mohler’s remarks and discusses the immigration issue from a biblical perspective.

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