Greg Steube, Tony Perkins, Jonathan Gilliam, Connor Semelsberger

Greg Steube
Tony Perkins
Jonathan Gilliam
Connor Semelsberger

December 19, 2022

On today’s program:

  • Greg Steube, U.S. Representative for the  17th District of Florida, comments on the anticipated tsunami of illegal immigrants with the coming end of the Title 42 immigration policy as well as the latest Twitter Files revelations.
  • Tony Perkins, host of Washington Watch and FRC’s president, reacts to former President Trump’s address to the Log Cabin Republicans at his Mar-a-Largo property.
  • Jonathan Gilliam, former FBI agent and former Navy Seal, offers his analysis on documents showing the FBI was in “constant contact” with Twitter’s “Safety and Trust” team.
  • Connor Semelsberger, FRC’s Director of Federal Affairs for Life and Human Dignity, shares the latest omnibus news from Capitol Hill and comments on efforts to increase the child tax credit to $3,000.

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