Alex Mooney, Buddy Carter, Andrew Bailey, Tom Kilgannon, Jerry Boykin

Alex Mooney
Buddy Carter
Andrew Bailey
Tom Kilgannon
Jerry Boykin

August 8, 2023

On today’s program:

  • Alex Mooney, U.S. Representative for the 2nd District of West Virginia, reacts to President Biden’s speech on the anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act and Vice President Harris’s recent Bidenomics speech. 
  • Buddy Carter, U.S. Representative for the 1st District of Georgia, unpacks the Inflation Reduction Act’s impact on the federal government’s spending and the economy.
  • Andrew Bailey, Missouri Attorney General, comments on a judge’s recent ruling blocking Biden’s latest student loan bailout as well as preview his oral arguments in a social media censorship case.
  • Tom Kilgannon, President of Freedom Alliance, responds to how the Biden administration misled families about what happened on the day 13 servicemembers were killed in Afghanistan.
  • Gen. (Ret.) Jerry BoykinFRC’s Executive Vice President, offers his reflections on Afghanistan two years after the U.S.’s botched withdrawal and assesses the Biden administration’s handling of the military and national security.

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