Scott Perry, Chris Gacek, Dr. Andrew Bostom, Dr. Jennifer Bauwens

Scott Perry
Chris Gacek
Andrew Bostom
Jennifer Bauwens

September 7, 2023

On today’s program:

  • Scott Perry, U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania’s 10th District, shares the latest Capitol Hill insights on the budget debate and the southern border crisis.
  • Chris Gacek, FRC’s Senior Fellow for Regulatory Affairs, reacts to the indictment of a Southern Poverty Law Center attorney on terrorism charges stemming from an attack on an Atlanta police training facility. 
  • Dr. Andrew Bostom, epidemiologist, comments on the World Health Organization’s alarm over the COVID ‘election variant.’
  • Dr. Jennifer Bauwens, FRC’s Director of the Center for Family Studies, shares the spiritual impact of illicit drug use.

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