Andy Harris, Bill Donohue, Pete Sessions, Abigail DeJarnatt, Allie Paris

Andy Harris
Bill Donohue
Pete Sessions
Abigail DeJarnatt
Allie Paris

October 5, 2023

On today’s program:

  • Dr. Andy Harris, U.S. Representative for the 1st District of Maryland, provides an update on the race for the Speaker of the House and discusses the Biden administration’s latest effort to provide a student loan bailout.
  • Bill Donohue, Catholic League President, offers analysis on the ongoing conversation in the Catholic Church regarding Pope Francis’s recent remarks on human sexuality.
  • Pete Sessions, U.S. Representative for the 17th District of Texas, reacts to Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas’s announcement of the need for a border wall in Texas.
  • Abigail DeJarnatt, Founder and CEO of Counteract USA, and Allie Paris, COO of Counteract USA, share about their new ministry to equip young people to impact the culture with a biblical worldview.

Episode Resources:

  • Learn more about biblical principles for human sexuality.
  • Read FRC’s new publication The Trans Youth Phenomenon: Critiques & Hard Questions.
  • Watch the 2023 Pray Vote Stand Summit.
  • Encourage your U.S. representative to protect life in appropriations.
  • Urge your senators and representatives to withhold funding from the WHO.
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