E. J. Antoni, Kristen Waggoner, Sarah Holliday, Ted Budd, Glenn Grothman

E. J. Antoni
Kristen Waggoner
Sarah Holliday
Ted Budd
Glenn Grothman

November 14, 2023

On today’s program:

  • E. J. Antoni, The Heritage Foundation’s research fellow in regional economics, unpacks the latest inflation data. 
  • Kristen Waggoner, CEO & President of Alliance Defending Freedom, celebrates the good news that a Finnish appeals court dismissed charges against Päivi Räsänen for social media posts that included a Bible verse.
  • Sarah Holliday, Reporter for the Washington Stand, shares her experience at the March for Israel in Washington, D.C.
  • Ted Budd, Senator from North Carolina, explains why he led an effort with his Republican Senate colleagues to demand Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin rescind the Pentagon’s illegal abortion travel policy.  
  • Glenn Grothman, U.S. Representative for the 6th District of Wisconsin, shares the latest on the Continuing Resolution debate on Capitol Hill. 

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