Chad Wolf, Meg Kilgannon, Ben Johnson, James Lankford, Jerry Boykin

Chad Wolf
Meg Kilgannon
Ben Johnson
James Lankford
Jerry Boykin

December 6, 2023

On today’s program:

  • Chad Wolf, former Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, reacts to Senate testimony from FBI Director Christopher Wray warning that the terrorist threat to the United States is at its highest level in years following the October 7 attack on Israel.
  • Meg Kilgannon, FRC's Senior Fellow for Education Studies, provides an update on education news, including an attempt to ban the Bible from a California school district, a lawsuit in Colorado by parents whose daughter was assigned to share a room—and expected to share a bed—with a male student on an overnight school trip without their knowledge, and efforts by Maryland parents to opt their children out of objectionable classes at school.
  • Ben Johnson, Washington Stand Senior Reporter and Editor, uncovers what was shared at a U.S. Department of Justice meeting with Attorney General Merrick Garland regarding the department's ongoing work to further the Biden White House's abortion agenda. 
  • James Lankford, U.S. Senator from Oklahoma, provides an update on Republican negotiations to ensure effective legislation to secure the border is in place before allowing any military spending for Ukraine. 
  • Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin, FRC's Executive Vice President, stands with Senator Tommy Tuberville after he ended his blockade of most military promotions. He also highlights the latest from National Defense Authorization Act negotiations and the need to reject tax-payer funded abortions.

Episode Resources:

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  • Pledge to pray consistently for Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and his family.
  • Download and share FRC’s prayer guide for Israel and the hostages in Gaza.
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