Bob Maginnis, Matt Carpenter, Becky Gerritson, Bryan Hughes, Tyler O'Neil

Bob Maginnis
Matt Carpenter
Becky Gerritson
Bryan Hughes
Tyler O'Neil

January 12, 2024

On today’s program:

  • Bob Maginnis, FRC's Senior Fellow for National Security, responds to the U.S.-led airstrike on the Iran-backed Houthi militant group in Yemen.
  • Matt Carpenter, FRC Action Director, breaks down the 2024 Iowa Caucus and provides an overview of the 2024 election season. 
  • Becky Gerritson, Executive Director of the Alabama Eagle Forum, celebrates the decision by a federal appeals court to allow enforcement of Alabama’s law  protecting children from gender procedures.
  • Bryan Hughes, State Senator for the 1st District of Texas, discusses the decision by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to block U.S. Border Patrol agents from an area near the southern border.
  • Tyler O’Neil, Managing Editor of The Daily Signal, reports on a leaked video revealing federal agencies coordinated with the Southern Poverty Law Center to silence Americans. 

Episode Resources:

  • Ohio residents, ask your state Senator to override Gov. DeWine’s veto of the SAFE Act (HB 68).
  • Contact Congress with a message to withhold funding from the World Health Organization.
  • Explainer: WHO’s Pandemic Agreement Threatens National Sovereignty, Free Speech, and Life.
  • Pledge to pray consistently for Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and his family.
  • Download and share FRC’s prayer guide for Israel and the hostages in Gaza.
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