Mike Braun, David Spiller, Mark Krikorian, Larry Taunton

Mike Braun
David Spiller
Mark Krikorian
Larry Taunton

March 5, 2024

On today’s program:

  • Mike Braun, U.S. Senator from Indiana, encourages citizens in states holding primary elections to vote and comments on the spending legislation introduced in Congress.
  • David Spiller, State Representative for the 68th District of Texas, discusses the U.S. Supreme Court decision to temporarily block a Texas law allowing state law enforcement officers to arrest illegal immigrants.
  • Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, reveals how the Biden administration used secret flights to bring more than 320,000 illegal immigrants to cities throughout the country.
  • Larry Taunton, author and columnist, reports from South America on how non-governmental agencies use millions in taxpayer funding to facilitate illegal immigration.

Episode Resources: 

  • Demand that Politico apologize for their malicious smears against the Christian faith.
  • Tell your senators not to authorize the trafficking and destruction of human embryos!
  • Sign the petition: Tell Congress to stand with Israel and end UNRWA funding.
  • Urge Congress to withhold funding from the World Health Organization.
  • Encourage House leadership to use all available leverage to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, drugs, human trafficking, and more across our nation's southern border.
  • Download and share FRC’s prayer guide for Israel and the hostages in Gaza.
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