Victoria Marshall, Tommy Tuberville, Andrew Bailey, Bill Koenig

Victoria Marshall
Tommy Tuberville
Andrew Bailey
Bill Koenig

May 14, 2024

On today’s program:

  • Victoria Marshall, Washington Watch Correspondent, shares the latest on the war between Israel and Hamas. 
  • Tommy Tuberville, U.S. Senator from Alabama, discusses the New York City trial against former President Donald Trump and provides an update on Israel’s war against Hamas.    
  • Andrew Bailey, Missouri Attorney General, explains why he joined a coalition of Republican Attorneys General opposing the World Health Organization’s proposed Pandemic Preparedness Agreement.
  • Bill Koenig, Director of World Watch Daily, connects God’s covenant with Abraham as outlined in Genesis with the modern nation of Israel.

Episode Resources: 

  • Find out more about the Antisemitism Awareness Act.
  • Tell Washington not to let the Biden administration cede authority to the World Health Organization.
  • Sign the pledge to pray for and stand with Israel on Sunday, May 19!
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