Weekend Edition - March 11, 2023

Mary Miller
Kevin Hern
Mike Johnson

March 11, 2023

This weekend:

  • Mary Miller, U.S. Representative for the 15th District of Illinois, explains the motivation behind the new Congressional Family Caucus and shares an update on the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act.
  • Kevin Hern, U.S. Representative from the 1st District of Oklahoma, offers insights into how President Joe Biden’s budget proposal promotes the indoctrination of children in public schools.
  • Mike Johnson, U.S. Representative for the 4th District of Louisiana, shares about a House hearing on the Twitter Files and his calls for an investigation into the discredited SPLC. 

Episode Resources:

  • Read: “House Makes a Splash with Push to Save Girls’ Sports.”
  • Read: “Biden Proposes Federally Regulated ‘Universal Pre-K’ for Children as Young as 3.”
  • Read: “‘Hate List’ Peddling SPLC Linked to Domestic Terrorism, Again.”
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